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Hi, I’m Anthony Joyce-Rivera. As a young child my head was filled with wondrous dreams. Today I bring dreams to life through my writing, game design, and podcasting. Stay a moment to learn more about me and my creative portfolio.


I am a Hispanic, ENnie-nominated and best selling Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition designer, co-host of the "Return to EverQuest" podcast, husband, father of three boys, and an Active Duty U.S. Army Strategist.

My strengths are creativity, timely communication, collaboration, building or leading effective teams, reliability, and strategic thinking.

Master's Degree in Policy Management - Georgetown University
Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration - University of Louisville
Master's Degree in Political Science - Virginia Tech
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies - Florida International University

Game Design - Lead designer

These are Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition products I worked on as a lead designer.

game design - Contributions

These are Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition products I worked on as a designer or producer.

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Please feel free to contact me via Twitter or email me at anthony@anthonydreams.com regarding convention appearances, podcast interviews, or media inquiries.

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